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At Role Models International, our members strive for excellence in five areas, like the five points of a star:  Leadership, Talent, Sportsmanship, Academics, and Service.  Our Team Leaders organize localized events & activities that are a great way to make new friends, while gaining incredible experience.  Membership looks great on college and job applications and resumes.

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The Face of Role Models International 2020:  Roselyn Halvorson

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Win $100 Gift Card of Your Choice!

Rules & How to Enter:

*Entries are due June 15th

*Only one person is allowed in each submission (no groups or partners in this one).

*Entries may not exceed 2minutes & 30 seconds.  You may want to end your presentation sooner than this, to ensure it is not disqualified.

*There is no limit to the number of entries you submit.

*Attire needs to be age appropriate.

*Submit a link to an YouTube video (must be accessible to judges) via e-mail ONLY to:

*Entry fees for each submission:

VIP members: $20 

Regular members: $25

General Public: $40

*PayPal to (via friends & family ONLY, or pay extra $5 fee) or via VENMO to: @Dawn-Alioto

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Join the club for Role Models

What is Role Models International?

Service, Sportsmanship, Academics, Talent, and Leadership make the 5 points of the Role Models International Star.  Our members strive to be a role model in one or more of these areas.  We are NOT a pageant, but we have a lot of pageant people who are members.  We also have Pageant Partners.  Plus occasionally we do have a contest where the winner can get a crown.  However, we are much more than that.  We are an all-inclusive club for people of all ages and genders.

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2020 Scholarship Winner Brittany Joiner

Brittany Joiner is our very first scholarship winner.

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Role Models International Brand Ambassador

Emma Patrick

My role as a role model and brand ambassador has been really exciting. I love helping others and giving support. I have been really busy with helping many different charities, causes and campaigns. I see life as something that we have to enjoy and embrace. I live every day to the max, doing what I can to make a difference.

I have really enjoyed being part of this wonderful organisation that Dawn has set up and I look forward to seeing what the future may hold.

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Role Models International Brand Ambassador

Shawn Cunningham

Leadership, Community Service and Volunteerism are the principles Shawn Cunningham are trying to instill in the countless numbers of young people she'll encounter during her service as a multiple titleholder in the State of Maine.
Embarking on a statewide speaking tour, Shawn has traveled to many communities throughout the Pine Tree State spreading her message that through leadership and service individuals CAN make a difference...and empower themselves, their communities and subsequently America to change toward the better! In addition to her speaking tour, Shawn continues to meet with state dignitaries, civic leaders and community organizations on a slew of appearances.
Shawn's motto:"Succeed and Soar!!!"

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Role Models International VIP Ambassador

Salina Ramirez was recently appointed to Role Models International VIP Ambassador.  This title is chosen based on all of the qualities of a Role Model.  This title will be hers for as long as she wants to be a Role Model!

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Role Models International VIP Ambassador

Senaiyah Torres is our very first VIP Ambassador.  She was surprised with this title at the Young American Miss International Pageant, held in June 2019.

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Asian Teens

Team Leaders:

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 “I believe that I would make a great leader because I’m so active in my community and school. I am a volleyball varsity co-captain and also a majorette captain. I love having both roles because I like to teach the girls new skills and to gain confidence. I also am a part of student council at my school.  Being a part of this group is great because we do school spirit assemblies. We also do canned food drives and coat drives for kids at my school who need it the most. Finally, I volunteer in my community as much as I can. I go into schools and teach the students how to be kind and respectful. I love being able to help my community. I believe that being a leader means having a voice and expressing a powerful message and having confidence to do so. I believe that I have these qualities to be a leader.” 

Ryanne Michaels, Team Leader in PA

Britney J Team Leader.png

“I try to do my best in all that I do, and want to encourage others to do the same.” She would like to set an example for others and motivate them to join Role Models International.  Britney plans to do a monthly project and the first one is collecting cards for the elderly and kids “in the system”.  In her words, this is what she is planning for 2019:

“January would be focused on collecting socks.  March or April would be the special needs egg hunt that I got my town to approve.  That’ll be an annual event.  Some other ideas I have in mind that aren’t determined on dates/month yet would include collecting items for the children’s home, spreading word about childhood hunger and doing the annual food and toy collection, getting involved in the community by finding ways to make it better and give back more, help kids find more positive ways to use their time than getting into trouble, and even having a special needs group that’ll work alongside the other group so that they can work at their own pace.  I also want to start a Thanksgiving dinner for those in need in November 2019 and am already reaching out to people about this to get the ball rolling.  There’s so many things I have in mind, and as the funds are available my mom is going to help me start up my nonprofit to go along with my community group and all that we do.  So, this will be a great opportunity for the youth in my area to get involved especially since most community involved groups we have are for adults not youth.”

Britney, Team Leader in PA

Jackie Breault Team Leader.jpg

I would love to participate as a team leader for my area because I believe in the Role Model program and promoting girls who are making a difference.  I am currently a PA director for the UNM PA pageant, a director for the Tiaras Loving Children special needs pageant system.  My life is spent building kids to be the best they can be through my profession as a CEO of my company TB Children's Services which provides counseling, behavioral management, holistic therapy, tutoring, mindfulness, social groups, girls empowerment groups, and much more.  I also am a scout leader for a special needs group, a special needs dance instructor, girls soccer coach, I also take in foster children and have adopted two children and on my way to 3.  When I found this program I was excited to see such a positive way to promote positive relationships amongst young women.   I would love to join as a team leader to help grow the program and arrange outings and activities such as bowling parties, painting events, museum visits, family dinners, and socials.  There are plenty of places in this immediate area and throughout the state that could be used as meet up locations to arrange small to large group meetings.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Jacqueline Breault-Straffe, Team Leader in PA

(More coming soon)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to be a member in Role Models International?

Regular Membership is $10 and  VIP Membership is $40*.  We have a $10 discount on VIP membership if you are involved with one of our Pageant Partners.  We also have a family discount.  If your immediate family members want  VIP membership, they can join for just $25 each.  VIP members can renew their membership for only $20.  If you are involved in a pageant, ask your director if they have contacted me about being a Pageant Partner, so you can get a discount.  

*Plus 5.5% sales tax if you live in Wisconsin. 

*Ask about shipping cost for members outside of the USA)

What do I get with my membership?

Regular Members are welcome to participate in activities & contests, join a team, use on applications, & are added to the Members & Families Private Facebook group page.
VIP Members VIP  receive everything a regular member receives, plus a certificate, t-shirt, discounts on merchandise, publicity, may compete for Role Models International Scholarship, opportunity to be a Team Leader, & added to the Exclusive VIP Members only page.  Anyone who gets involved in activities will gain new skills & improve current skills.  You will have opportunities to plan events & activities & share your knowledge & skills.  Membership in Role Models International looks great on applications (college or job) and resumes.

Do I have to live in a certain geographical place to be a member and participate in member activities?

You can live just about anywhere!  We will try to match you up with a team near you.  If there isn't a team yet, maybe you would like to become a team leader.

Is membership open to everyone?

Yes, membership is open to everyone--all ages, male or female.  Anyone can be a Role Model!  You don't have to have any specific background, just a desire to be a Role Model.

If I have a pageant title, can I make an appearance while participating in Role Models International activities?

Yes, absolutely!  We welcome any and all pageant titleholders.  As long as your pageant system says it's okay, we would be happy for you to wear your crown and sash during our activities.  This is beneficial to your pageant, too--free advertising.  We do come from a pageant background and dream of uniting Role Models of all kinds.  Ask your pageant director if they have contacted me about a special discount.

How do I join?

Send an e-mail to  
Indicate name(s), e-mail, T-shirt size(s), & mailing address.  Payments will be accepted via PayPal; send as "friends & family" or pay the extra charge.

How do I compete for the scholarship?

Once you are a VIP Member, you will create your own Role Models International Facebook page.  This will serve as a "portfolio" showcasing all of the wonderful activities you participate in.  Points will be allocated for each well documented activity demonstrated in the portfolio.  Some examples of activities are:  student council, sports team, dance class, scouting, youth ministry, fundraisers, teaching Sunday school, pageants, recruiting other Role Models, performing arts, sororities, public speaking, getting good grades in school, awards, honors, and participating in, planning, or hosting Role Models International events.  Extra points will be given for community service!

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Pageant Partner Discounts

You can receive a $10 discount on VIP membership if your pageant is registered with us.  If you don't see your pageant listed, ask your director to contact me at

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