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Britney Jeschonek, Team Leader in PA

I believe I would make a great team leader for starters because I have one of the biggest support systems ever with my mom by my side. She is always there for me, helps guide me and assist me, and supports all I do. I’m even trying to get her to come on as a team leader assistant to help me along the way. Another reason I feel I’d make a good team leader is because I try to do my best in all that I do, and want to encourage others to do the same. As a pageant girl, I know that being a role model is huge, and we always gotta be on top of things, helping others, and sharing our mission. This would be no different with Role Models International, and it would be an honor to set an example for others and help motivate them to join us and our mission.

A few ideas I have in store would be to get people on board for a monthly project. December would kick off with the cards for the elderly and kids in the system (obviously I’m already doing that, but anyone that jumps on board can help). January would be focused on collecting socks. March or April would be the special needs egg hunt that I got my town to approve. That’ll be an annual event. Some other ideas I have in mind that aren’t determined on dates/month yet would include collecting items for the children’s home, spreading word about childhood hunger and doing the annual food and toy collection, getting involved in the community by finding ways to make it better and give back more, help kids find more positive ways to use their time than getting into trouble, and even having a special needs group that’ll work alongside the other group so that they can work at their own pace. I also want to start a Thanksgiving dinner for those in need in November 2019 and am already reaching out to people about this to get the ball rolling. There’s so many things I have in mind, and as the funds are available my mom is going to help me start up my nonprofit to go along with my community group and all that we do. So, this will be a great opportunity for the youth in my area to get involved especially since most community involved groups we have are for adults not youth. So, this will change that.

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