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Meet Jacqueline Breault-Straffe, Team Leader in Pennsylvania

I would love to participate as a team leader for my area because I believe in the Role Model program and promoting girls who are making a difference. I am currently a PA director for the UNM PA pageant, a director for the Tiaras Loving Children special needs pageant system. My life is spent building kids to be the best they can be through my profession as a CEO of my company TB Children's Services which provides counseling, behavioral management, holistic therapy, tutoring, mindfulness, social groups, girls empowerment groups, and much more. I also am a scout leader for a special needs group, a special needs dance instructor, girls soccer coach, I also take in foster children and have adopted two children and on my way to 3. When I found this program I was excited to see such a positive way to promote positive relationships amongst young women. I would love to join as a team leader to help grow the program and arrange outings and activities such as bowling parties, painting events, museum visits, family dinners, and socials. There are plenty of places in this immediate area and throughout the state that could be used as meet up locations to arrange small to large group meetings. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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