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Miss Beauty UK Role Model

Congratulations to Georgia May Concarr the first Miss Beauty UK Role Model! We are happy to announce that Georgia was chosen and we look forward to seeing all of the wonderful things she will do this year. Her pageant director, Tracey Madwards says, "She won the title due to her being a good and positive role model for those under 16. It's extremely easy these days to go off the rails, sit on the internet or on computer games, or even sit on the corner of a street and cause chaos in the community. Very often we see groups of youngsters causing issues, when they could be doing something constructive and making a positive difference in the community and society as a whole. So she won the title because we see a positive future, and the work she has already done, shows kids that they need to lead by example, and we know that Georgia is the perfect candidate to carry this role. Georgia full name is Georgia May Concarr is 14 years old. She works hard in school and hopes to become a professional makeup artist She is part of Just Dance Academy where she is doing contemporary and acrobatic dance. Georgia is also passionate about wrestling and is a trainee woman wrestler for UK wrestling. She hopes to become women's champion one day. Georgia supports lots of charity's including mental health She wants to bring awareness to anti bullying and is big supporter of LGBT

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