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The Face of Role Models International

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Enter by November 1st

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The Face of Role Models International
Snapshot contest

Judging Criteria

We are looking for someone that will be a good representative of Role Models International for the next year.  Read this carefully, so you can participate.  Snapshot judging will be based on personality, creativity, and how well it represents Role Models International.  We will give extra points for pics of you wearing your Role Models International logo wear.  Your photos should fit in one or more of the five points of our star:  Service, Sportsmanship, Academics, Talent, and Leadership.  We are not looking for fancy, professional photos, nor the skill or price of the photographer.  Use your phone or camera and submit natural photos, with very little to no editing.  Professional or heavily edited photos will be eliminated.  Also, please no sashes in the photos, because we will be using these in advertising.  Our winner is expected to promote Role Models International for the entire year.  This includes sending photos that can be shared in our promotions.


Entry Fees

  • General Public:  $30 and $5 each additional photo

  • Regular Members:  $25 and $5 each additional photo

  • VIP Members:  $20 entry fee and $5 for each additional photo


How to Enter

Send fees via PayPal, Friends & Family to:


via Venmo: @Dawn-Alioto

Send Entries via E-mail to:

and include your full name, mailing address, e-mail address, and indicate how you paid.

Everything is due by Noon, Central Time Zone, on November 1, 2020